Tips for Successful Social Media Marketing

In this world of constant connectivity, more and more users are engaging in social media activities every day.   As users look for more information to consume, marketers have an opportunity to spread their message across a variety of channels to reach active consumers who want to consume.

It has become increasingly clear that a social media presence is necessary for any type of business entity to succeed.  In regards to Social Media Marketing, it is important to consider the following:


When establishing a social media presence, it is important to Diversify Your Channels.

  • It makes sense doesn’t it?  By using more of the available social media outlets, you can increase exposure.
  • Twitter and Facebook are the some of the most commonly used applications
  • Google+ has been growing and now has over 343 million monthly users
  • Sites that focus on visual content, such as Instagram and Pinterest have continued to generate large amounts of traffic in the past several months.


The challenge not only lies in grabbing people’s attention, but also keeping it.

Content Is Key, but generating content isn’t always easy.  These 4 content ideas can keep things interesting when thinking about what to post:

  • Quotes – provide inspiration and entertainment
  • Interviews – connecting through stories and bringing people together
  • Visuals – photos, videos, and infographics are informative and entertaining
  • Sharing – linking to other posts can provide new content for your readers and allow you to connect to other social media content creators


If you’re interested in more social media marketing tips, check out these 16 Social Media Marketing Tips from the Pros.

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